Terms and Conditions:



  • All prices, operating hours and inclusions on our website are subject to change.

  • All prices are per rickshaw. A maximum of 2 adults (per rickshaw) and 4 adults in total will be carried on one tour.

  • Bike Cabs may temporarily reduce the maximum number of passengers carried per tour, at our discretion and without notice, due to rickshaw availability.



  • All passengers must comply with our safety regulations. If you or a child in your care fail to do so, you will be required to leave the tour or the tour will be terminated.

  • Children under 12 years of age must be accompanied by an adult.

  • Bike Cabs staff will happily assist passengers with limited mobility to board and disembark the rickshaws.


Passenger Behaviour

  • Customers must obey any reasonable request from any Bike Cabs staff member.

  • Well-behaved dogs are welcome on private rickshaw tours.

  • Smoking or alcohol drinking is not permitted on the rickshaws.


Late arrivals, cancellations and “no-shows”

  • If you arrive for a tour later than the specified check-in time for your tour, your tour duration may be shortened or you may forfeit your tour at the discretion of Bike Cabs. In this case no full or partial refund will be given, regardless of the circumstances.

  • If you need to cancel your tour, please do so at least one day in advance:

    • If you cancel with at least one day’s notice: Your tour will be rescheduled to another convenient time.

    • Same day cancellation: No rescheduling or refund will be provided for same-day cancellations.

    • Any changes to an existing booking should be made by phoning Bike Cabs on 0422 277 664 during our business hours (Mon-Fri: 12pm-9pm).

  • “No-shows”: If you don’t turn up, you forfeit your tour. Tickets will not be refunded and may not be used for a tour on a different date or time.

  • Tour cancellation by Bike Cabs:

    • If Bike Cabs has to cancel a tour due to inclement weather or any other conditions or reason, you will be given a gift voucher for the value of the tour you have paid for. A refund may be given at our discretion.


Customer Satisfaction

  • If you are dissatisfied with any aspect of our tour or service, please let us know at the time so we have the opportunity to resolve the problem immediately.