Fitzroy and Collingwood have remained the lesser known but thriving underground in Melbourne’s street art scene.


The artwork and installments that you see here are either random or specially commissioned by the Yarra City Council or requested by local businesses and residents in the area. The latter has enabled artists to go more mainstream and showcase their talent at will and make Melbourne a top art destination.

Spread out across the entirety of these two suburbs, the beautiful splatter of artwork can be seen on street walls, carparks, cafes, dilapidated buildings and even on public toilets!

So much so that you would think it is just impossible to see so much art in a day!

And that is why we have designed a special rickshaw safari that goes past the most popular, intricate and culturally important ones. You will discover a staggering number of artwork by over 40 world renown local and international artists like Phibs, Rone, Smug, Adnate, Alexis Diaz, Ghost Patrol, Lush, Askew One, Makatron, Mayonaize, Lauren YS, Will Coles, Sofles, TwoOne, Be Free, Choq, Putos, Fintan Magee and many others..


See different types of street murals ranging from stencil art and spray paintings through to calligraphy and magnificent art installations at prime street locations.

Our tour is conducted at a leisurely pace. You are encouraged to alight at the various ‘photo-pitstops’ and anywhere else you need to spend a minute more to appreciate the artwork.

Street Art Safari


Touring Area:

Fitzroy and Collingwood

Tour Duration:

90 mins (incl. time for stops)

What's Included:

  • Private Tour with rider/guide

  • Free Transfer: Pick-up and drop-off within 2km of Fitzroy Town Hall


Tour Highlights:

  • Discover artwork by over 40 world renown local and international artists

  • Laid back rickshaw safari on a specially designed 10 km art route.

**Terms & Conditions:

  • Dates & Times subject to availability of rickshaws. Please contact us 48 hours in advance for all bookings.

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