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Rickshaw Advertising is a unique marketing channel used by brands and organisations to target their audience creatively!


Additionally rickshaw advertising offers several other advantages over traditional forms of advertising.


Why choose our rickshaw advertising?


  • Extremely price-competitive compared to billboards and flyers. 

  • Reach a wider audience through this mobile form of advertising via our taxi and tour services. 

  • Get more eye-balls with high quality moving signage, which are placed at an optimal level from the ground for passers-by to see clearly.

  • Gain maximum brand exposure by utlising the large advertising area on our bikes.

  • Target specific festivals or use it for themed events, where advertising on a rickshaw makes it a perfect solution (contact us for details)!


Our clients have used rickshaw advertising to add value to their events, services and products (sample work shown). 


Contact us to inquire how we can help your brand/organisation.